"Beautiful Cat Litter Box Furniture For Discerning Cat lovers and Spoiled Cats"

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Our ultimate goal 13 years ago was to build the "Best" cat litter box furniture. Not just an ordinary litter box, but a "Beautiful Piece of Furniture" to be used as a hidden and tidy kitty litter box cabinet. We believe every person and pet to have worth and value. Our purpose in building the Hidy-Tidy Litter box furniture, is to enrich your and your cats' lives and bring harmony into your home.
From the original conception in 1998 in a small studio apartment in San Francisco to obtaining a patent and creating a website in 2000, this experience has been a rewarding adventure. Much thought and research went into the design and subsequent production of the Hidy-Tidy kitty litter box.

About Hidy-Tidy Cat Litter Box Furniture

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Not All Cat Litter Box Cabinets Are The Same!

Hidy-Tidy Cat litter box furniture is not just a place to hide the cat litter box. It is an investment in quality of life for you and your Cat. Start Living with it!

Beginning with our solid wood construction our Cat Litter Box Furniture is built to last!

Our Motto: Hidy-Tidy will Not Compromise Quality For Price!
We realize as a potential Hidy-Tidy Cat Litter Box Furniture customer, you have choices and we invite you to investigate why Hidy-Tidy is the best!

Remember, when thinking of purchasing this furniture to remember it is an investment that will last many years, maybe a lifetime and averages out to cost just dollars a year.

Thanks for your help & interest in our product.

How Hidy-Tidy cat litter box furniture
differs from the competition:

Watch our Video about Hidy Tidy litter box FurnitureOur ultimate goal 13 years ago was to build the “Best” cat litter box Furniture. Not just an ordinary litter box but a “Beautiful Piece of Furniture” to be used as a hidden and clean place for the cat litter box . We believe every person and pet has worth and value. Our purpose in building the Hidy-Tidy is to enrich your and your cats’ lives and bring harmony into your home.

Hidy-Tidy litter box furniture was researched and manufactured with you and your cats’ needs foremost in mind. The following patented features cannot be found in other litter boxes.

The following features are patented and are not found in any other litter box.

  1. Moisture proof wooden ledge over litter pan prevents dirty litter from being scratched out of the pan into the bottom of the cabinet. Horizontal wooden ledge also keeps litter from falling out the door onto your floor.
  2. There is a built in “box” inside the upper right hand corner of the cabinet that is “dedicated” for storing plastic groceries bags used for removing “dirty litter” from your cabinet.
  3. The entire cabinet is completely assembled and the inside and outside of the cabinet is waterproofed using 2 coats of polyurethane. Polyurethane is used on “Outdoor” decks.
  4. Unlike the competition Hidy-Tidy cabinets are furniture height (extra tall inside) to give your cat sufficient head room.

In researching “cat behavior” we found that many cats have a fear of being trapped. This extends to being placed into a closed litter box cabinet with only one opening. Many cats will refuse to enter or will enter but turn around and peer out looking for a threat. We eliminated that fear by placing two openings (one on either side) in the Hidy-Tidy cabinet so that cats feel a sense of comfort and security. These two openings also create a fresh air flow which help eliminate odors. Choosing a quality cat litter is also very important. We recommend “The Worlds Best Cat Litter” found in major pet stores.
comes completely assembled. All inside joints are caulked and the entire cabinet is water proofed. Cup hooks are added for scoop and odor removing product. Everything you need is found within the cabinet.

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