"Beautiful Cat Litter Box Furniture For Discerning Cat lovers and Spoiled Cats"

About Us

Barbara Cartun inventer of Hidy-Tidy litter box furniture

Barbara Cartun and “Tigger”


Hello, I’m Barbara Cartun. My husband Dave Cartun and I have had cats for years and have never had a suitable place to hide the unsightly litter box. Our laundry room and bath rooms were never big enough so we eventually placed the litter pan in the bath tub. This of course, was a mess.

I have always been fascinated by watching my cats open and enter kitchen cabinets, hop into clothing drawers when opened and hide in closets so I got the idea to build a piece of furniture that would hold their litter pan.

Our Cat Box Cabinet was so successful that years ago we patented the Hidy-Tidy and got a copy write for the name and started selling Hidy-Tidy Cat Box Cabinets on the web.


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The Hidy-Tidy is an attractive and versatile piece of furniture.
It blends with other pieces of furniture which make it easy to hide in plain sight.


1 – The reason they work so well is that there are two openings so cats feel safe entering the furniture. They instinctively know they have an escape route. Cats entering the one hole litter boxes on the market today; usually go in, turn around and look out. They realize they are vulnerable against attack. Many cats will not even use covered boxes for this reason. Also the two openings create a fresh air flow which is extremely important in removing odors.

2 – Waterproofed inside and out with two coats of polyurethane. Polyurethane is used on boats and outdoor decks. Very durable and strong. Resists scratches. And every inside joint is caulked. Both of these procedures insure that odors and moisture do not seep into the wood.

3 – The ledge is a patented feature – it keeps excess scratched litter inside the furniture – not on the floor. Also makes it easy to remove the litter pan for cleaning. No need for a sliding shelf!

4 – There is a compartment for storing plastic bags. Your scoop hangs inside the door so when it is time to clean the litter box you have everything at your finger tips. No need to run into the kitchen for a plastic bag.

5 –  Zeolite is a porous, volcanic stone. It will absorb the moist odor molecule. The zeolite bag hangs on the inside of the door and helps to remove odors. It will fill up with odors in about 3 months. Zeolite can be cleaned by rinsing with water and left to dry in the sun for 8 hours. It can then be reused for up to 2 years.

6 – Our two door cabinets hold Sterlite plastic storage containers which are readily available at Target stores. Instead of trying to clean the old pan with bleach; throw it away and get a new container.
If you have the vertical space and need extra storage the “F1” cabinet is great. The top will hold large bags of litter, food and accessories or your own personal items. Works well in a bathroom for towels, etc.

 For those of you with big cats, or cats that stand up to pee or spray the “T” cabinet holds a tall storage pan. These cabinets are also great if you have a cat that likes to scratch, scratch, scratch. Healthy cats are very athletic and have no problem using this cabinet.
We also carry steps for old cats or cats with health problems.

To sum everything up – the Hidy-Tidy is for cats but was made specifically for you. It is the perfect piece of furniture to compliment your home. It can be placed in any room of your house without any one knowing what it is. You hide it in plain sight!


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