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Other Cat Products

Hidy-Tidy offers some extra Cat Products
to enhance your new Kitty Litter cabinet

 Hidy-Tidy Steps – $60

Available with any cabinet style and in your choice of our finishes.
Ships inside your cabinet at no extra charge.

Hidy-Tidy steps with E style cabinet -Cat Products

Hidy-Tidy steps with E style cabinet

Steps with Tall Style cabinet

Steps with Tall Style

Great accessory for your new cabinet! These steps help your cat walk right up to the door flap on your new Hidy-Tidy cabinet cabinet.

Zeolite Odor Eliminator – 32 oz. pkg
the perfect partner for your Hidy-Tidy kitty litter cabinet $15.00

Zeolite Odor control

Zeolite Odor control

Hangs on the inside of the door and is the ultimate air freshener.
Banishes potent litter box odors. Use anywhere in your home where problem odors occur.
Made from all natural, non-toxic volcanic minerals (zeolite) that contain an ionic charge which attracts and eliminates (rather than covers up) any odors.This product can be rejuvenated and used over and over!
Mark your calendar, and every 3 months rinse the zeolite bag with hot water and place in the sun to dry.
Hang back inside the door of the cabinet. It will continue to remove odors for up to 2 years,
then must be replaced.
Available with the purchase of any Hidy-Tidy Cabinet.


 Litter-Lifter Scoop – $12

We will select color for you

We will select color for you


Available with any cabinet. Hangs on included hook inside cabinet door.
Once you’ve tried the Litter-Lifter – you’ll never use another scoop! The secret is the wedge shaped tines that trap even the smallest waste fragments and will not pick up clean litter! Daily time saver because of the size of the shovel. No stopping to sift – it is automatic. No shaking needed which produces Less Dust for you to breathe.The strongest and sturdiest plastic scoop on the market today. Works extremely well with all Hidy-Tidy models.

Litter-Lifter Scoop

Litter-Lifter Scoop







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