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We received the Hidy-Tidy cabinets yesterday and just unpacked the items today. All we can say is “WOW”!!! The quality of the workmanship is incredible and made my husband very happy. The double F2T litter box is beautiful and one of our cats is already using it. Hidy-Tidy (Hidden and Tidy) is a very appropriate name.
Great product!
Kind Regards


Coryn & Eric Mann - Colorado Springs,CO

Received the tall, Blue Hidy-Tidy cabinet on Monday.  Anbassa adjusted to it within a few days and is now using it with both front  doors closed.  He is just a four month old kitten, but is able to get in and out of the tall box with no problem.  My family getting a cat was contingent upon the litter box being attractive, manageable and tolerable.  We put the cabinet in our bathroom where it does look very nice with a white orchid resting on top of it.  We are using World’s Best Litter and scoop the box every time it’s used.  I am really appreciating the hook for the litter scoop and the nook to hold the bags.  Nice touches!  Other than hiding the litter box, it is a very attractive, and complimentary piece of furniture in our home. It was worth shipping to Italy.
Thank you, and I’ll be sure to refer your product!

Jennifer from Italy

I did purchase a Hidy Tidy in the past and am so pleased with the quality of the product. The kitties are happy, too. The opening on both sides was genius, especially for my pair of kitties because Willow needs an escape route from Sunny who sometimes will stalk.
The Style E would work perfectly in the area that I have in mind and I will purchase without hardware this time.
Thanks for such a great product.

Diane from Virginia

A beautiful piece of furniture

I bought my first Hidy Tidy over ten years ago at a cat show in Virginia but had to leave it behind when I moved to Florida.

When I moved into my new house, I purchased another one, which I’ve had for three years now and I love it!  More importantly, my cats love it too.  I have two smaller, covered litter boxes in the den, but, more often than not, there is never anything in them because they mostly use the HIdy Tidy.  I think they feel more comfortable in the Hidy Tidy especially since there are two entrances/exits!

Not only is the Hidy Tidy a wonderful litter box, it’s also a beautiful piece of furniture.  It sits in the entrance area in my house and visitors are amazed that it’s also a litter box!  (see attached picture)

My niece and her husband just moved into their new house and when I asked her what she wanted as a housewarming gift, she said “a Hidy Tidy!”  So that’s why I just purchased a Hidy Tidy for her just like the one I have.

Thank you for such a great product!


Coral from Florida

Just wanted you and other potential clients to know how wonderful your Hidy-Tidy cabinets are. It has been a wonderful way to hide the litter box in plain site.  Visitors are amazed to see a litter box in the main part of our house. It has been a great investment and well made piece of furniture (lasting well over 10 years of constant use) which to this day looks almost new. We will be adding an additional Hidy-Tidy to another location in our home.
                                                                                                                            -Gina in New York

We couldn’t be more pleased with our Hidy-Tidy purchase, which was over 10 years ago. It has stood the test of time and looks like new even after surviving a decade of use. We were a little concerned about our cats using it but they took to it right away. It has been a wonderful investment.
                                                                                                   -Katy of Arizona

Katy of Arizona

I have ordered two Hidy-Tidy litter boxes from you in the past and love them. I live in Canada and even though the shipping is very expensive I am ordering the Stained Glass (Cat In Window) model because your cabinets are worth the cost. They are beautiful and functional. Thank you for designing and manufacturing a well made product!

Jade Field in Canada

The three Hidy-Tidy cabinets arrived today and we are beyond thrilled with them!!!  They are not only beautiful but extremely functional, as advertised!!  We are so impressed by the construction ~ it’s obvious you & your husband take great pride in your products. The cabinets were protected so well for shipping!!

Soooo happy and our 4-legged kids took to the new cabinets in no time!  We initially just set up one cabinet along with two other “old” boxes to see what the cats would do. They used the Hidy-Tidy more that night than the other boxes so today we put up the two new Hidy-Tidies and out go the old, smelly, boxes. They look perfect in our home.  Now we are thinking about saving our money for a larger style box J

Thank you again for your kindness and sending the extra goodies!!

Peggy from California

We received the Blue Litter box cabinet with the Double Cats, Stained Glass doors and it looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for working with us on the short time frame. We are taking it back to our home in Montreal. The two cats on the glass doors are truly beautiful art pieces. We also love the blue cabinet with the art deco doors that we purchased for our Florida home two years ago. These are truly pieces of furniture that we can not do without. Thank you very much for everything.

Linda - Florida & Montreal

Thank you very much for the great craftmanship! We just received our gorgeous Turquoise and Alder cabinet. It is absolutely unique. We are soooooo pleased! It arrived in mint condition! Please thank Dave and your crew as well… I will be sharing your info with anyone who’ll listen, starting with my local retailers (animal feed store & furniture store).

Susan from Colorado


 After mulling it over for about a year, I finally ordered my Hidy-Tidy. It is absolutely beautiful! I got the F1 in walnut. It comes in two pieces, which fit together perfectly with no tools. A friend of mine had one in green, so I knew it would be a high-quality product, but am still amazed at just how beautiful it is!

Also, I meant to mention the great packaging job! My cat began using the new box shortly after we set it up, and it is beautiful!!!

Thank you, Hidy-Tidy!!! 

Nancy Brown

 A note from Hidy-Tidy
Our QUALITY Cat box cabinets ship assembled. The reason is so that all joints can be caulked and the entire cabinet waterproofed inside and out. There is a deflective ledge that covers the litter pan which keeps excess litter inside the pan. The cost of making our litter cabinets is more than other companies’ retail price.

Please beware! Cheap usually equates to a cheaply made product.


Barbara – It has taken me over two years to build up the courage to spend over $500 on a litter box. Every few months I would pull up your web site and obsess over the many style options.
The plastic dome litter pan has actually been a daily annoyance which I knew I faced every day. Finally I got so tired of the look, smell and mess that I just went on line and placed the order.
I ordered one of the most expensive F1ES double cabinets with the four “Art Deco” Doors. It is magnificent! Oh my goodness, talk about an attitude adjustment. It has not only brightened up my spirits but the whole house. Guests are drawn to its unique appearance and are utterly astonished that it is the cats litter box.
I didn’t know that it could make sure a difference in my home but it has.
I have had it now for over a year and want you to know it is the best. There are no regrets! The 4 cats took to it immediately and they and my family love it. The “Worlds Best Litter” works wonders and the “Litter Lifter” scoop is the best ever. Thank you for thinking of and perfecting such a great product. I could just kick myself for waiting three years to purchase it. Be very pleased and proud of yourself.
Thank you soooooo much.

Jean from Boyton Beach, Florida


Dear Barbara – it’s been about 3 years ago that we contacted you and Dave and consequently ordered our first Hidy Tidy. When I was researching cat litter box furniture I was so taken by how beautiful the cabinets are and all the rave reviews of other Hidy Tidy owners. I want to add my own review/testimonial, especially since we’ve had the “boxes” for several years now.
We/I had a 17 year old Siamese, Tsasha, who was being harassed by our younger Tortoiseshell tabby kitten named Oat. The one Hidy-Tidy we had at the time was dominate by Oat’s who would set on the cabinet top and would not let Tsasha in and/or sometimes out of the litter box. So I ordered a 2nd Hidy-Tidy. That worked; they each had their own Hidy-Tidy. About 6 months later Ms.Tasha eloquently passed on.
We were ever so grateful for our Hidy-Tidys as they saved us the grief of litter box hassles and harassment. The cabinet made Tsasha’s life so much more fulfilling during her last days. I asked you a zillion questions, Barbara, about the style T as I wanted to make sure the 17 year old could not only jump through the openings but also stand to pee (she had a lot of arthritis in her hips). I also ordered the steps but she never needed them. She regularly sat and ate on the “roof” and could easily, with one leap, jump onto the top or in the openings, which were higher than the standard E cabinet.
We bought two of the style T and they are so wonderful !!! We now have a small 9# poodle and we’re so happy she cannot get to the snicker doodles.
You and Dave are wonderful and so accommodating and helpful. Thank you; thank you; thank you !!! You made a world of difference for all our 4 leggeds and us !!! And at the same time we have gorgeous furniture!
With warm regards and much appreciation.

Anne - Gainesvillle, Florida


I purchased my Hidy-Tidy cabinet almost 10 years ago at the Las Vegas, NV, CFA Cat Show. This cabinet has been a wonderful addition to my home. My cats adore it and to this day I still have to point out where the cat box is to guests. They can’t believe how beautiful the furniture is and tell me they would never have known it was the litter box until I showed it to them.
Thank you for developing such a beautiful, welcoming litter environment for my babies!

Dawn S. Las Vegas, NV


Thank you Barbara. The tall, walnut cabinet is beautiful! Best of luck to you and your husband with your business. I will make sure to spread the word for you. Thank you again.

Alex - Brooklyn, NY


I have purchased several of these WONDERFUL litter boxes. I purchased the first one (Style E) approximately 10 years ago and it is still in great shape. I purchased two more Style E cabinets a few years later and I just recently ordered the Style F1E. I CAN’T WAIT to receive it.
Whenever I have a visitor and they see the beautiful cabinets and then realize they are litter boxes, they are shocked. These are the BEST litter boxes out there! You will not be disappointed!

Shari from Long Beach, California


My Hidy-Tidy arrived yesterday. Very Impressive! Good quality! Better than I expected. The packaging was also impressive. My Ragdoll comes home in a few days to his forever home and I will never have to look at another ho-hum cat sand litter box in the bathroom with cat litter crumbs sprinkled outside of the box again. Nicholas will have his very own bathroom to do his business in and will enjoy his privacy too.
I am writing this to let other cat lovers know what a great product you have developed.

Kathy - Benicia, CA


This past year I purchased a tall cabinet with the litter box section on top and storage area on the bottom. I love the Double (Bad Back) Cabinet! You do such professional work. The cabinet blends perfectly into our home. The top litter box is so handy to use and our cats took to it straight away

Rosemary Polito

I’ve lived with the F2E, Hidy-Tidy cabinet for a bit now and wanted to share my thoughts on it.  It’s really a beautiful piece!  It blends into the room beautifully.  My cats took to it immediately.  I couldn’t be happier.  
Thanks so much!

Roseanna Guarrera - New York


Ten years ago, I came across the Hidy Tidy at a cat show.  I thought it was very innovative and the cabinets looked quite well made and sturdy.  I was thinking about getting a covered cat box because my two cats constantly tracked out lots of litter, or worse, missed the box entirely.  So I purchased the E style cabinet and set it up as a second “bathroom” for the cats.  The cats took to the Hidy Tidy straight away and preferred it over the covered box I eventually bought to replace the open one.
The cabinet is extremely well made and solid.  Nothing rattles or jiggles.  The seal around the ledge is tight and moisture proof.  A simple wipe cleans up any messes the cats may leave.  All these years later, the cabinet still looks like new.  Litter tracking is minimal outside the cabinet.  The hooks inside the doors are handy for hanging the litter bags (my cabinet doesn’t have the cubby hole for placing bags) and scoop.  Because the litter box slides out, cleaning the box is easy.
Now our household consists of four resident cats and up to three foster kittens at any given time.  The kittens use the Hidy Tidy while they are in isolation from the general population and take to it quickly.  I had to place an incline cardboard scratcher for them to walk up and then tape up the flaps so they have easy access.
One of my resident males likes kick out the litter and to wipe the walls when he buries.  The Hidy Tidy takes care of that so I do not have to sweep up lots of litter or clean paw prints off the walls. With so many cats, it was time to get another Hidy Tidy.  I know there are cheaper products out there, but I’m so satisfied with the first cabinet, I knew I’d only get a Hidy Tidy.  I just ordered another E style.  As two of my cats are now over 12 years old and getting a bit arthritic in the legs, I also purchased a couple of sets of steps for both cabinets.
You get what you pay for.  Although the initial cost may seem like a lot, you’ll have the cabinet for years and years, so the costs pan out over time.  I paid around $250 for that first cabinet.  Ten years on, that’s $25; not much more than a standard litter box.  Thanks for making such a great, high quality, durable product.  In this day and age of “planned obsolescence”, it’s great to have something that lasts.
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Ghandi

Linda DePew


We are anxious to receive the Kitty Litter box cabinet. Thank you both for perfecting the features!
BTW: Per your husbands suggestion- we have purchased the World’s Best Cat Litter love it.

Janna Hilligoss


Awesome! So looking forward to it!  I want to go with the single door. We live in an historic farmhouse and the cabinet is going into an area having an old dutch door so it should coordinate well. I watched your video and want to thank you for the interesting information. I will tell you that while researching out other options I had previously noted many seemed way too short for an adult cat to stand and use properly. I had noticed this feature about your cabinet on my own but it definitely is a selling point that should be emphasized. I have looked around a lot and have previously experienced the disappointed of what cheap will get you. As I never intend to be without a cat or two I want quality.  I am certain this is exactly what we need!

Jamie Levescy,Oklahoma City

I would like you to know that my six cats have “very good taste”. There are three LitterMaid self-cleaning litter boxes in the house but since purchasing your cabinet the cats will not use the other two LitterMaids any more. They stopped using them completely. I guess it is because your Hidy-Tidy cabinet gives them privacy. So I am forced to buy another cabinet to save this one LitterMaid from wearing out. As funds permit I will get a third. Your furniture is not only beautiful but is made very well. The pull-out shelf is great for working on the equipment.
My cats have put their seal of approval on your invention. Good work and thank you!


Parricidal B. - Washington, DC

I own two Weimaraner dogs that make it impossible for my poor cat (Benny) to use the litter box. We went so far as putting the litter box in a big wire cage because he was resorting to using the bath tub, bedroom closet floor or anywhere away from the dogs. After purchasing your Hidy-Tidy there are no more problems. The dogs cannot get into the entrances and best of all it looks like real furniture. I have it in my bedroom with a TV on it. People are none the wiser when they walk into the bedroom, in fact, they are stunned that it is the litter box. Benny and my family are very happy.


Paula J. - Costa Mesa, CA

You have saved my marriage and the lives of 4 cats.
I was at my wit’s end with ugly, smelly cat boxes. Worst of all was the litter which seemed to be everywhere. I have never been a true cat lover but my wife dearly loves them. Since she purchased the two cabinets I have to say that I like the cats more and more and am not aware of any litter smell or problems. Your cabinets are truly pieces of furniture.


Tony P. - Sarasota, FL

I have had my double Stained Glass cabinet now for 3 years and it continues to function as well now as it did when I first purchased it. My mother thought I had lost my mind when I told her I had purchased a cat litter box for $695. After her first visit when she saw how unique and beautiful it was she told me that I needed to add another one upstairs. So I am ordering the second Stained Glass cabinet. Both are indeed works of art which I am proud to display.


Betty W. - New York, NY

We and our cats are thrilled with the lovely green litter box cabinet. And we are even more thrilled considering the fact that our female cat has stopped urinating on the floors anymore! This seems to be what she needed. We have told every cat owner that we know how wonderful the Hidy-Tidy cabinets are. I must say that the cabinet makes it very easy to clean and change litter. Thanks so much for a great product.


Jennifer & Brandon - Loveland, CO

I am beyond impressed with the Hidy Tidy 2 door tall litter box cabinet for my Maine Coons. It is very well crafted and made with quality materials. Your unique design captures all the details with the storage niche for bags, hook for hanging the scoop and the structure to minimize scattered litter. This beautiful furniture addresses the cleaning needs of the cats and the owners who serve them. Thank you for having the vision to make this necessary feline furniture. The cats in my household love it! Thank you very much. By the way, you were right about the scoop … best ever.


Denise - Austin,TX

My mother isn’t the easiest lady to surprise on her birthday but you succeeded. She received her kitty cabinet and it blew her socks off. She’s so excited to get “something she can use”. With no hesitation, her cats took to it right away. She can hardly contain her happiness and said, “I’m going to show everyone this wonderful piece of furniture. This is the best present I’ve ever received.”

Thanks for your fast and personal service.



Kim J. - Coronado, CA

We are a two cat family. One a persnickety, Princess refuses to share a litter box with her house mate, a messy, throw litter everywhere, male. I purchased a Hidy-Tidy three years ago and Mr. Messy, took to it immediately. He and I have been in “cat heaven” ever since. Oh yes, he still likes to scratch and scratch and throw cat litter around, but is stays in his oversized box and both of us have been extremely happy for three years. Now, the time has come to take back my bathtub!
I will be purchasing another Hidy-Tidy and moving Miss Princess out of her “tub kingdom” and into her new “Hidy-Tidy Castle”.

Thank you for making the Hidy-Tidy available.


Cindy - Long Beach, CA

I am interested in purchasing another Hidy-Tidy. I purchased my first one about 8 years ago I believe. It has been used by three cats and shows some wear and tear but still works well. Will send you a photo. People continue to be amazed that it is a “cat box”.

 Thanks again for the great product.


Ann from Houston, Texas

Enclosed is my order for another Hidy-Tidy cabinet. I ordered a Hidy-Tidy a few years ago and just love it. It is the BEST Litter Box Cabinet out there! It is easy to clean, keeps my dog out of the litter and the cats and I are happy and content. I say “the best out there” because in my web searching I saw other much cheaper litter boxes. I said to myself, “What have I got to lose?”

That was a very big mistake! It was poorly made and had to be assembled. Now it has warped because urine has soaked into the wood. It is a nightmare to clean as there is nothing keeping litter from flying out of the pan. It has been a major mess! I literally wasted my money by buying cheap!

There is a reason why Hidy-Tidy litter boxes are more expensive and I think they are well worth the extra money.


Jeanne from PA

We are compelled to let you know how AWESOME our Hidy-Tidy cat box is! From its outstanding construction to its beautiful design, we are SO Impressed! It arrived more well packaged than anything we have ever had shipped to us before. It is also so easy to clean. Just wanted you to know how much we love and appreciate the product.


Matt & Donna from Virginia

An absolute dream come true! Thank you for your brilliant, thought out, invention. And it just happens to be gorgeous! Much better looking than the photos depict.



Jill from Ohio

Ordering another T (Tall) cabinet. This Hidy-Tidy cabinet style is the only one I have found that truly works for “cats that stand while they urinate”. Well worth the expense!


Susan from New Jersey

Oh my gosh! I was not expecting this kind of craftsmanship in a cat box. It truly is a piece of furniture. My cat box is the first thing I show visitors when they come in my home. People may think this a little odd but I don’t care. I am completely overwhelmed with the looks and quality. I looked at everything available on the web and made the best choice! Thank You!


Theresa from Oregon

My T style Hidy-Tidy arrived today and is even nicer than I pictured. The cat is already using it!


Rachel from Birmingham, AL

Just set my Hidy-Tidy up and am LOVING It!! The construction is solid, and the whitewash finish is beautiful. I love that I can still see a little of the wood grain. Very interesting look. The litter pan is huge and the extra head room gives my big boy lots of room to maneuver. The cats track less litter and the excess scratched litter stays inside the litter pan instead of spilling out all over the rug and hardwood floor. It looks perfect and matches the room seamlessly. No one will know it is a litter box. All of us love it!
Thanks so much for the fast response and delivery.


Maggie from San Francisco, CA

I received the litter box cabinet. I am so pleased with the product. It is absolutely beautiful and extremely well made. Thank you very much. You should be very proud of your craftsmanship.


Judy From Georgia

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